Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020

Why Terrace Gardening is Getting its Popularity in Recent Times?

Population in the city is increasing exponentially; villages are migrating to cities in search of livelihood. They are entering into the concrete forest leaving behind the green and calm environment.

Most of us feel that the children will never experience natural healthy rural life.



Parents visiting city homes of their children cannot tolerate polluted city atmosphere even for a week. We find dust and smoke everywhere. Even a healthy person experience suffocation, people with asthma and allergy find it difficult to breathe.

Village life is just a sweet memory for those who left their villages decades ago. We cannot go back now, A small hope is having a kitchen garden.

Then where do you plan a garden? The answer is “Terrace Garden or Roof Top Garden”

Traditional Farming is also in trouble in recent years. Profits have gone down drastically farmers are stuck in Illusion of maximum production for higher profits. Hence they use chemicals & poison to the crops and soil abundantly.

These persistent pollutants have perfected the help of farmers. Consumer are effected with chemical recipes in vegetables like tomatoes and Brinjal and fruits like pomegranate and grapes etc. Organic farming is discussed a lot now but the ground reality is something different.

Realising all these, nature lovers of the cities started growing Organic food at least for their own consumption. Gardening is becoming popular in spite of shortage of space water time and patience. Many of them are getting into roof top gardening.

Grow your food through the main environmental friendly organic way and enjoy the fruit ecstatic way. Thereby, add value to your garden and add value to your life.

In principle, there is no much difference between kitchen garden on the ground and terrace garden. Due to shortage of space and light on the ground the garden has moved to the roof top.

There is a limitation for the selection of plants for the terrace garden. Closely spaced tall building permit very less light penetration to the space in between. Parking of vehicles have occupies the unbuild space. Terrace gardening is the only option left to the people of the big cities.

Remember, rooftop gardening is not for maximum production of profits like regular farming. Earning livelihood is also not the aim. It is just a useful and wonderful Hobby. And it enables us to grow and use poison free vegetables and fruits.

Terrace garden is a great opportunity for senior citizens to spend their time and help to maintain good health. It gives sufficient physical exercise to home makers of the cities.

Children get exposure to the world of plants; it creates interest and curiosity in them about plants insects’ birth and the nature.

Terrace gardening is an interesting change work for employees that you get in the weekend. Terrace garden create a cool micro-climate on the open hot terrace, thereby it keep the whole building cool.

If you are confused whether to start a garden on your terrace? Don’t think too much, just start small and scale it up eventually.

Happy Gardening !!


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