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Virat Kohli Reveals the Philosophy Behind his 11 Tattoos

Virat Kholi Tatoos and its meaning

Virat Kholi, a man who doesn’t need an introduction. He is the captain of the Indian Cricket Team and the Youth Icon.

He was known for his Attitude and Fighting Spirit. Youngster falls in love with his Fashion – Hairstyle, Dressing Sense and even for his Tattoos.

Yes, Our international player is fond of tattoo and has got 11 tattoos inked over his body. And the philosophy behind every tattoo makes him your favorite.

Virat Kholi Tatoos and its meaning

Mother & Father’s Name

Virat has tattooed his parent’s name SAROJ & PREM written in Hindi on his triceps of his left hand.

SAROJA Tattoo Virat's Mother

The tattoos show his love and affection towards his parents. In his own words “The Relationship with the Parents is just phenomenal and can’t be described in words. They should stay with me forever and ever and so close to my heart until I live, so is the reason why I got their names tattoo.”

PREM Tattoo Virat's father

CAP Number

Virat has inked 175 next to his mums name, this number is so special because he made his debut as 175th player in the ODIs.

175 players in ODIs.

And the number 269 is inked next to his Dads name, this number is special because he made his debut as 269th player in the Test Matches.

269 players in Test Cricket.

Lord Shiva

Virat has another tattoo on his left hand down the elbow. It’s the Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, well known as a meditating place of Lord Shiva.

Virat is the disciple of Lord Shiva and follows his principles, which helped him rise up against the downfall in many uncontrollable situations and got himself back to normal again.

Lord Shiva with Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar,


Virat got inked Monastery next to Lord Shiva tattoo. A monastery is basically an Ashram, a place to live in for Monks.

He believes that his life is dedicated to Cricket and the Cricket ground is the place he compares to a Monastery. A perfect sacred place where he spends most of his life finds utmost peace of mind and get boosted every time seeing these tattoos.

Monastery tattoo


This is the one on his left shoulder portraying a “God’s Eye”. It means to stay focused on your Goals and to visualize that God has an eye on him and watching him. Therefore, “BE GOOD, DO GOOD and BE VERY CAREFUL”

God’s eye tattoo


Virat has a tattoo inked saying “OM” around the God’s Eye. It is considered to be the most Powerful word or the Mantra that keeps you Calm.

It is considered to be highly spiritual and create Power, Positive Energy and makes you Strong.

OM Tattoo


His Zodiac sign – Scorpio was inked on his right biceps. He thinks that he has all the qualities of being a Scorpio

Scorpio Tattoo Virat's Zodiac Sign

Japanese Samurai Warrior

Virat has a tattoo on his left hand of a Japanese samurai warrior.
He believes that he gets the strength from the Sword of Samurai and wishes to have all the 7 Qualities of the Samurai Warrior that keeps him focused on the goal.

Japanese Samurai
Tribal Art

This is his FIRST tattoo that Virat has inked on his body. The Tribal Art, it means the Aggression. This is that one Tattoo that boosted up to get many more tattoos on Virat’s body.

Tribal Art Virat Kohli's First Tattoo

How Tattoos explain Virat Kohli’s Personality

Tattoos explain Virat’s personality in 3 simple words – PARENTS, GOD & PASSION

Virat Kholi a youth icon is deep inside a spiritual person with 4 Tattoos, Immense passion for his game and to stay focused with 5 Tattoos and endless love for his parents with 2 Tattoos.


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