Friday, 10 Jul 2020

Two Indian farmers become internet sensations for performing the ‘Kiki Challenge’ alongside moving Oxen

Kiki Challenge is a dance challenge that has gone viral across the world. The dance is based on Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake’s hit song “in my feelings” from his latest album Scorpion. The song plays off a chorus: kiki, do you love me/Are you riding/Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.

The viral trend shows participants coming out of a moving car, leaving the door open and then dance to the song beside their slow-moving vehicles and then jump back into the car without any injuries.

Some of the best KIKI challenge

And of course, there are worst as well.

Kiki challenge is more exciting when it reaches Rural areas.

2 farmers from southern India have nailed dancing in a paddy filed alongside moving oxen.

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