Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

Step By Step Guide for Search Ads 360 Budget Management (BETA)

Are you comparing the AdWords Share Budgets with Search Ads Budget Management Feature? Don’t get confused, you can’t retroactively set spends with this feature

Purpose of Budget Management Feature

Budget management consolidates planning, budgeting, and reporting to help you manage your campaigns. And monitor the performance without a need of exporting into spreadsheets.

Search Ads 360 supports platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan, Baidu & Yahoo! Gemini. You can group the campaigns across the engines to plan your budget and monitor the pacing.

Let’s Look at this feature as a reporting tool. The brainy part will be discussed later in the article.

Every business has High, Medium and Low revenue-generating products, and if your marketing team wants to use the budget based on the performance, What’s WRONG?

As a campaign manager, it became a challenge to monitor the spend on the daily basis if the campaigns are diversified in various platforms (budget should be in the same Currency). The new SA Budget Management Feature is here to make your life simple.

Step by Step Process

Organize your campaigns based on the performance. For example, if you are selling Men & Women’s Clothing, you might create a budget group that includes the category accordingly.

Create Budget Group

 1. Navigate to Advertiser > Budget Management

2. Click on Budget group button

3. Assign Budget Group Name & Currency

4. Use filters to group the campaigns based on the theme.

5.Create a Group

6. Create a Budget Plan for the Budget Group

Navigate to Advertiser > Budget Management > Select the Budget Group > Select Budget Plan

Note: The create plan button will not be highlighted if the campaigns are not selected in Step 4

7. Set a Goal for the Budget Plan

  1. Date Range is the goal duration
  2. The Goal identifies conversions or revenue metric that you want to maximize with your spend. The historical performance is used to generate estimates and allocate spend.

Note: Goals once set can’t be edited later.

8: Set Spend Target for Budget Plan

Target Spend – input spend you want to spend for the group.
Performance Benchmark (Optional) – A performance benchmark is the number of clicks, CPA, or ROAS that you want to achieve with your spend
Budget automation (Optional) – Automate campaign budget changes, bids, and bid adjustments.

Note: Budget automation won’t effectively perform if you already have bid strategies.

9: Budget automation Settings
Automatically optimize: Select the check boxes if you would like the Budget automation feature to change the Mobile, Audiences and Location bid modifiers.
Constraint: Set Min & Max bids as per the need.
By turning ON the toggle button for the option “Apply these settings to all future plans for this budget group” will save the setting and be used for the future.

10. Budget allocation Table
Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose “Allocate”. You will see 3 options – Default, Evenly by day, Evenly by week. Select how you would like to distribute the spend.

11. View By Table
View by: Day / Week, If you are selecting by day, the Target Spend will be allocated by day. If you are selecting by week, the Target Spend will be allocated by week.
Start weeks on: You can also select the week commencing as per the need.

12. Budget Plan – Cumulative Budget Pacing Chart Settings
Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select show cumulative amounts.
The budget pacing graph gives you the cumulative estimation spend WOW.

13: Budget Plan – Budget Pacing Chart Settings to view WOW
Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and unselect show cumulative amounts.
The budget pacing graph gives you the estimation of the spend WOW. (This is not cumulative spend)

14. Set an Additional Goal for Reporting
Specify a different goal from Step 7.2, this will be an additional goal only for reporting and benchmarking
You can add more goal if you need.

15: That’s it, review and schedule the plan.


Let me know your feedback and share your ideas on how to make the best use of the Search Ads 360 Budget Management (BETA)

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