Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Checklist for Search Ads 360 Parallel Tracking

Are you seeing a message popping up on your Search Ads 360 to migrate your Accounts and set up Parallel Tracking?

SA360 Parallel Tracking

Mandatory Checks before Migration

  • Make sure all URL templates start with HTTPS:
    • When you enable parallel tracking, Google Ads requires all redirect URLs to use SSL/HTTPS.
  • Disable Campaign Manager macros:
    • With parallel tracking, clicks are not redirected through SA360, so SA360 can’t replace macro placeholders with the relevant values.
  • Stop using the URL parameter column (or append it to a URL suffix):
    • in accounts that use parallel tracking, clicks are not redirected through SA360, so SA360 can’t append these URL parameters.

Additionally, it is recommended that all Search Ads 360 users leverage the Search Ads 360 parallel tracking migration tool to help migrate the following features to ensure compatibility now and in the future.

Before you migrate the accounts, make sure they’ve done the following

  • Activated the engine account if it was paused
  • Successfully synced the account within the last 24 hours
  • Migrating your account may result in changes to URL parameters and custom parameters in your landing page URLs, and may result in your account being placed under review by Google Ads.

Migration Tool Changes

SA360 Macros

  • These will be transitioned to Google Ads custom parameters
  • Some parameters will not be supported by the migration tool

Conversions API / GA Linking / Cross-Channel Remarketing

  • For these features, the migration tool turns on Google Ads auto-tagging and adds a final URL suffix. This will ad a GCLID and GCLSRC to the final URL suffix, and if applicable (for x-channel remarketing), it will add the ds_rl parameter

Check out the help center article which details in parallel tracking. Hope this helps!


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