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ROLL RIDA Shouldn’t Be Eliminated from Biggboss 2 Telugu

rollrida elimination

Biggboss 2 Telugu has completed its final elimination. Roll Rida, popular Telugu rapper got eliminated from Biggboss 2 Telugu on 23 September 2018.

rollrida elimination

How many of you think that Roll Rida should be the Finalist, Not Samrat?

There was an Eggs task between Samrat and Roll Rida. Whoever protects their eggs till the end of the task will get the immunity for the last week elimination. In other words, gets into the Finale.

Samrat got a lot of support from the housemates during the task which helped him win the task. But technically if we compare Roll Rida has better qualities/characteristics compared to Samrat.

Broad level comparison between Samrat and Roll Rida


Roll Rida Vision was to make Telugu Rap Popular and whats to inspire independent music makers. He wanted to set an example for the future generation so that the kids can choose the platform of their interest.

Samrat wanted to prove someone what they have missed by breaking up with him in his personal Life. He is seeking justice and has chosen BiggBoss as a platform to prove what kind of a person he is.

Samrat’s vision is personal. whereas, Roll Rida vision is to inspire people.

Friendly Nature / Entertainers

Roll Rida sets an environment around him by cracking jokes, imitating people and showcasing his talent through Telugu Rap to entertain people. He is approachable and changes anyone’s mood in no time.

Samrat is a terrific performer and slips into any role if you ask him to. He has a friendly and approachable personality. He is seen mostly with very few people with whom he is comfortable in the entire season.


Intelligent / Smart

Roll Rida can easily trick a person with his intelligence and smartness. (Phone task was the best example)

Samrat didn’t exhibit his intelligence over the season.


Logical Thinking

Roll Rida tries to be logical in his conversation and has the ability to frame his conversation in a convincing way. And will make it more sensible to the other person as well as the audience.

Samrat hardly gets into the arguments and not very good in framing his thoughts.


Composed Nature

Roll Rida has the composed nature and has a control over his emotions and doesn’t get into heated arguments easily. However, he tries to put his logic whenever he is put into such situation.

Samrat is a master in being composed. Hardly seen him getting involved voluntarily in any heated arguments. An aggressive nature is noticed in Couple of instances (with Nutan Naidu and Kaushal) which was harsh and illogical.


Competitive / Fighting Spirit / Solo Performers

Roll Rida has given tough competition to other team members and has kept a healthy fighting spirit. He is a Solo Performer and applies his intelligence where there is a need.

Samrat is not very competitive and hardly seen him giving his 100% in any of the tasks. He survived many tasks with his close companions.


Reasons for Roll Rida losing the task (pass to finale)

  1. Samrat has the support of 3 people, whereas Roll Rida is supported by just 1.
  2. Roll Rida made a choice of being a good friend than winning the task.
  3. Over confident about elimination, trusted his fans and audience.
  4. The purpose of coming to big boss2 is achieved, to bring awareness about Telugu RAP.


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