Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Public Response on Section 497 #AdulteryVerdict – What Is the Point of Getting Married?



Negative sentiments over Section 497 #AdulteryVerdict is flooded with only one major question. What is the point of getting married when its legal of having an external martial affair?

Some have to say Its a big hit on Indian Marriage system whereas few support the verdict because finally men & women are treated in equal terms.

Negative Responses Against Supreme Court #AdulteryVerdict in flooding on Twitter

1. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal totally disagrees with the SC justice on Adultery.

2. Social activist Brinda Adige raised a concern how a woman is gonna file a case against he husband who might desert/ abandon/ leave her and just doesn’t have any responsibilities of their family.

3. And most importantly Public response, in one of their own words

“So previously if a woman had extramarital affairs with another man, the man would be punished.

So according to the Supreme court, for empowering woman this has been removed.

If you really wanted to empower the woman, you would have given both husband and wife equal rights in prosecuting the ones who committed adultery.

Now all you have done is destroyed the institution of marriage. What is the point of getting married now?”







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