Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020

Mission Shakti India shot down live Satellite

Mission Shakti

Read all the important highlights of PM Modi’s speech:

– PM Modi said an anti-satellite missile destroyed a live satellite in 3 minutes

-India has entered its name as an elite space power. An anti-satellite weapon A-SAT, successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit

-‘Mission Shakti’ operation was a difficult target to achieve which was completed successfully within three minutes of launch.

-India has registered herself as a space power today; till now only US, Russia and China have achieved this; now India is the 4th country to achieve this feat: PM

-Today, we have enough satellites that are contributing in various segments such as agriculture, disaster management, communication, weather, navigation etc: PM Modi

-I assure the world community that our new prowess is not against anyone: PM

-PM Modi said the A-SAT missile will give new strength to India’s space programme. He also assured the international community that India’s capability won’t be used against anyone but is purely India’s defence initiative for its security.

-“India stands tall as a space power! It will make India stronger, even more secure and will further peace and harmony,” PM Modi said in a tweet after his address to the nation.

-PM Modi said the Mission Shakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme.

-“We’re against arms raised in space. This test won’t breach any international law or treaties,” PM Modi said.

Why is Mission Shakti special?

As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mission Shakti is special for two reasons:

1. India is only the fourth country to acquire such a specialised and modern capability.

2. Entire effort is indigenous.

Earlier today, the PM had tweeted that he would make an important announcement between 11:45 am – 12 noon. “I would be addressing the nation at around 11.45 a.m.- 12 noon with an important message. Do watch the address on television, radio or social media,” he had said.

The PM’s tweet has led to a flurry of speculation on social media, with some users even predicting that Rs 500 currency notes will be banned.

With hashtag ‘Just Saying’, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah had even tweeted that the PM would be declaring the results of the Lok Sabha elections. “What announcement will fit within the code of conduct guidelines of the election commission of India?,” Abdullah had said in another tweet.

Mission Shakti: Political reactions

1. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari congratulates all the scientists who carried out ‘Mission Shakti’ successfully. “India is moving fast towards becoming a world leader and under PM Modi’s leadership, it is on its way to not only become a ‘super economic power’, but also a ‘super science power’,” Gadkari said.

2. BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy described Mission Shakti as the Narendra Modi government’s “tremendous achievement”. “It has thrown Pakistan electronic guidance of their jet fighter into blindness. Even Pak airforce jets flying over Pak territory can be shot down  by blinded Pak radars. Congratulation to Namo,” added Swamy.

3. Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav takes to Twitter to hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making this announcement. “Today @narendramodi got himself an hour of free TV & divert nation’s attention away from issues on ground — #Unemployment #RuralCrisis & #WomensSecurity — by pointing at the sky. Congratulations @drdo_india & @isro — this success belongs to you. Thank you for making India safer.”

4. Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah mocks, tweets: “Mountains and molehills spring to mind!”

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