Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020


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Is your spouse committed to you? Do you really think he/she is not hiding anything from you? Is he/she into another relationship? Marriage is not a jail to anybody. Any individual has the right to decide his/her own life, but some people take it to be a prison. The days are gone when parents used to decide the perfect partner for their children. The new era allows everyone to know their future partner. But surely one cannot know the other person deeply. Even with exciting beginnings, the spark gets lost among many couples days after marriage due to a number of reasons. That time is a hard time as your partner then treats you more like a burden. This creates mental pressure and clears out every possible obstacle from mind to get into a new relationship; a more profound word for this would be to have “extramarital affairs.  And believe it your partner won’t be coming to you to ask freedom from the present relationship.  So how do you know that your spouse is cheating on you! There are always signs of such act:

detective agency

  1. There will be a sudden change of taste, the taste of appetite, change of perfume that maybe you gifted them, change of fashion and a lot more. Although nowadays everyone wants to look pretty and so change of fashion may not be applicable. In pretty words you can describe them to be wholly changed and what is more prevalent that they won’t be taking your viewpoint of the complete makeover!
  2. The bathroom is best known to be the best decision for making the place! But it can be one of the best places to sneak out of others eyes and spend some private quality time. He/she will always carry a phone to that place. You may hear faint voices or maybe nothing.
  3. Everything that you both found a necessity to do before would become an option later then. Frequent family visits will lower down so as outdoor dinner or lunch, attending an occasion to meeting new friends of your spouse. Even your spouse would try to avoid you as much possible from social media and give you lame excuses for that. Also while you accidentally meet his/her friends, you will be referred to as a good friend and that is not a warning that becomes a proof.
  4. Another strong point is that, frequent calls. Your spouse could keep an eye for your coming status by calling you again and again. That may indicate love and even a sequel of hate story!
  5. Your spouse could also change passwords and keep the phone on airplane mode whenever you want it. Also, your spouse speaks in a foreign or a code language over the phone when talking to a particular number.
  6. You frequently find his/her dresses in a messy way, maybe with lipstick stains or torn.

Well, you cannot keep an eye on his/her every action and therefore it is better to opt for a private investigation and detective agency. A private detective agency in delhi will provide you the benefits of pre and post matrimonial services and help you to make decisions further.  In India, with the increase in modernization rising cases of spouse infidelity is getting common added technological advances have been providing secrecy, and thus are increasing the growth of private detective services in India. They have access to every record and data of an individual and even keeping every part of their investigation a secret is their prime motto. And you can either decide to continue the relationship or file a divorce case; they will even help you to present evidence of your spouse’s infidelity in courts.

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