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Kaushal’s Daughter Lally’s Best Birthday GIFT Ever

Kaushal Daughter Lally has turned 3 on SEP 20

Kaushal wanted to celebrate his daughter birthday in the Biggboss House. He was emotionally connected with his daughter after his family recent visit. Kaushal got a bit selfish as a father to see his daughter one more time.

Kaushal requested the Bigboss host Nani for a small celebration with his daughter on her Birthday. He wanted his daughter to cut the birthday cake in his presence and spend some time with her. The host didn’t promise Kaushal but assured to do something special on her birthday.


Housemates Take on Lally’s Visit?

Rest of the housemates also liked Lally, she was adorable and have drawn the attention of all the members of the house.

But what went through housemates mind was, Lally’s visit can give Kaushal a BOOST. And also they were concerned why should Biggboss give an extra advantage in a Game show to Kaushal which can turn the game.

There was a huge argument which has lead to a fight in the house 2 days before Lally’s birthday.

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Kaushal was Upset

With the behavior of housemates, Kaushal was upset and he is gonna return the Cake and the Letter sent by his Daughter. He is seen saying in the promo to be aired on 21st Sept, that he is not going to accept the cake and the letter. But a Father’s blessing will always be there with the daughter.

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Will Kaushal Army Keep Quite? I Don’t think so!

Kaushal Army busted crackers continuously outside the Biggboss house and celebrated Lally’s Birthday.

Is that it?, No, the audiences are also emotionally connected with Kaushal feelings and started sending thousands of wishes through Social Media. This could be one of the best birthdays a father can ever give his daughter.

Lally must be SAD that her father is away on her Birthday, but DONT WORRY LITTLE GIRL, your DAD is on a MUCH BIGGER MISSION

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Lally Birthday




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