Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

JanaSena Documentary Videos – Watch the Complete Playlist

janasena documentary

Janasena, rapidly evolving political party, is diving deep into the interiors of Andhra Pradesh and bringing the unaddressed problem into the limelight. The Shatagni team, Digital Regiment of JanaSena Party, has done a terrific job in creating these videos.

Here are some of the unbiased documentaries

Fishermen Problem

– A Film by Harish Pai, Assistant, DI – Suresh Ambala.

Mysterious Kidney Disease in Uddanam | Ichchapuram.


Unique Habitat of Beela (Sompeta Wetlands)


SrungavarapuKota Jindal Factory Land Issue

Problems Faced by Unemployed Youth

Feel The pain of Mother Earth

Hope Island, Kakinada Port And Fisherman Issues

Settipalli Farmers Issues

Konaseema Oil Tragedy

Anantapur Backwardness, Drought & Unemployment Crisis

Real Face of Vanthada illegal Mining – A Shatagni Missile

Guntur Diarrhoea Victims

Interaction With Metturu Villagers

Kakinada SEZ victims issues

Many more will be added, stay tuned…

Pawan Kalyan will be Officially launching Janasena manifesto addressing the issues in Andhra Pradesh shortly.

Check out the Quick Sneak Peak of Janasena Manifesto & Pawan Kalyan Vision in his upcoming elections.


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