Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

Indigo Ticket fare starts from ₹ 899

  • 10 Lakh seat is available
  • Offer ends on 26th October

Indigo airways have been announced that the Domestic flight which travels all over the country is now available with Diwali offers at a fare which starts from ₹ 899.  Almost 10lakh seats are now available for the travelers in the flight and the offer is valid up to 26th October. The tickets which you have booked now will be used for the travel dates between November 8th, 2018 to April 15th,2019.  The domestic flight can travel up to 64 places all around the country at the lowest prices ever and brings the far destinations to people. So we can get the lowest fare on the tickets to travel along the country. Indigo is being so friendly to people that it has declared the offer on the occasion of Diwali festival to give more festive vibes to people who travel to get along with the near and dear ones.

So instead of thinking much just book your tickets and reach your favorite destinations in no time.

Indigo Airways is in debt:

  • 652crores debt in July-September
  • Rise in ATF (fuel charges)

The indigo airways have lost 652.10 Crores of rupees as mentioned in a survey. Last year at this point in time it has huge profits of ₹ 551.6crores of rupees earned by the company. The company has increased its revenue from ₹ 5,505.6 Crores which is approx. 18% hike i.e., 6514.2 and that’s a drastic increase in the revenue which was successfully gained by the company after so many ups and downs. In 2015, according to the stocks exchange, it was mentioned clearly about the debt of the airways.

 Reasons for the Debt:

Among total airlines, Indigo hold 40% of the share compared to the other airways. As the increase in the prices of ATF (i.e., the fuel) and the maintenance was increased due to the increase in dollars’ rate. The ticket fares are also not up to the mark and were not raised due to the various season when compared to other airways.

CEO Rahul Bhatia Speaks

Increased prices of ATF and fall of rupees has a drastic effect on the indigo airlines. Competition is also one of the reasons for the downfall of the company. All these reasons contribute to the indigo to go into debt. Depending upon the marketing strategy as the other competitors are reducing the fares so we need to reduce the prices to a certain extent.

20 more flights are added so that the number of people can benefit the services and now there are a total of 189 flights of indigo airlines.


In BSE, the share is increased to ₹6.45 and settled at ₹817.10.

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