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Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally

eye test

Are you tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses? If you answer Is yes in both cases, you should probably start doing something about eyes.

By end of this article, you will find answers to these questions

  • How should you change your lifestyle to improve your eyesight?
  • What are the exercises you should do for your eyes?
  • Most importantly what is that you shouldn’t do?

1. Don’t Get the Eye’s Checked in a Store that Sells Glasses

Eye glasses store

The machine that the stores use is not accurate. Studies say that there is a 40% difference when you get your eyes checked in store and with an Optician (eye specialist).

Studies say the eye sights keeps changes day to day and Year over year. When you get your eyes checked in a store, they might take just 10 minutes and decides your eyesight.

But a real eye doctor examines your eyes at least an hour and gives a prescription what suits you the best.

Therefore, never examine your eyes in a Store and buy glasses. Trust your Optician instead.

2. Get a Lens that is One Step Lower

eye test

So once you get the doctor prescription. Get a lens that is one step lower to what the doctor prescribed. Like we discussed eyesight fluctuates day to day.

For Example, your eyesight might be 0.5 when you are stressed out. And it will improve when you are relaxed, probably over the weekends. The emotional state influences your vision.

If your doctor tells you that your eyesight is 0.5 Myopia (short-sightedness). Don’t get 0.5 get a lens that is 0.25 lens instead. That will still give you an adjustment but it gives you room for the vision to improve.

If you get 0.5 your vision cannot get below 0.5 and there is No scope of improvement. By picking up 0.5 lenses you are creating a barrier for your vision getting better.

3. Install a Basic Eye Chart in your home.

William H bates in early 20th century studied on school classrooms. Kids with nearsightedness were examined every week with an eye chart stuck in every classroom.


Watch the video for Bates Technique of improving eye sights. (There are many techniques which came after Bates, this technique is popular but not the only best)

4. Studies on kids found that, if you allow your children to sleep in a dark room, your kids are less likely to develop vision problems in the future.

The University of Pennsylvania did a study. Kids were divided into 3 groups and made them sleep in 3 different room.

A room with Lights ON, Room with Nightlight ON, and a complete Dark Room.

Kids that slept in the Dark Room – Only 10% developed Nearsightedness

Kids that Slept with night light ON – 34% developed Nearsightedness

Kids that Slept with lights ON – 55% developed Nearsightedness

Dark is Phenomenal for sleep; science is showing that it has a correlation which helps kids retain good vision.


Don’t Smoke

eyes effected with smoke

Smoking increases the risk of forming the cataract, which is one of the reasons for blindness. And another reason is smoking causes dry eye syndrome.

Smoking is something you can’t control and eventually give up. But, It’s not some genetic disease that you can’t give up. So put down your cigarettes and when the smoke clears you will see the world a lot better.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Try to put sunglasses every time you go out on a sunny weather.

woman wearing sunglasses

Don’t Overstrain your Eyes

If you are working on your computer continuously, you might experience that your eyes get tired by end of the day.

Tips to protect your eyes in the workplace.

  • Relax your eyes at least 5 minutes every hour
  • Move away from your computer at regular intervals
  • Take a walk and relax your neck
  • Remove your glasses and let your eye muscles work on their own


To avoid dry eye syndrome, blink more often when you’re working on a computer. This way you won’t sense any irritation by end of the day.

Use High-resolution screens. The size and resolution of your screen matters. If the object on the screen is shorter, especially the text your eyes would get less tired.

Turn down the brightness

High resolution is great, but you don’t want to burn your eyes with the brightness. Set the brightness level as low as possible.

What Foods Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Drink Carrot juice as frequently as possible, preferably every day. Eat more Orange juice and Grapefruit.  Add Pieces of lemon to your tea, citrus fruits are very good for eyes.

Eat more fish and Nuts, they contain the acids and proteins you need.

Have your Eyes checked Regularly

Get your eyes checked regularly, at least once a year. Don’t be cheap or Lazy about it. It’s much easier to prevent serious conditions if they are properly diagnosed in the early stages.

Can Eye Exercises Improve Vision?


Come to the window and place your finger on it. Choose the most distant object you can see through the window. Focus on the window and then the object. Repeat this at least 10 times to relax your eye muscles. It’s important not to wear glasses while doing this exercise.


Sit facing a small stationary object in an open space. Candle, for example, light the candle and focus on the light of the candle without blinking your eyes.

Then close your eyes and imaging the object between your eyebrows. And hold the image as long as you can. Repeat this for about 10 minutes.


Massage your eyes with a gentle circular movement for a minute. You shouldn’t feel any pain, just the pressure. Massage ensure better blood circulation to your eyes.

Tightly closing your eyes

Another exercise that you can do for better blood circulation for your eyes in tightly close your eyes. Close your eyes tightly for just a few seconds and relax completely. Repeat 5 times.


Hold a pencil in your hand and hold it in front of your face at arm’s length. Start moving the pencil to your eyes very slowly until you lose the focus. Repeat this 10 times.


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