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Important Criteria to Choose Bed Headboard

Bed Headboard

The headboard has become a decorative accessory in itself. It highlights the bed, which is the main piece of furniture but adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the decor of the entire room with its contemporary design that can contain lighting. Inwood or upholstered in fabric or leather, the headboard is not only a decorative piece but can also be used as furniture when it has a built-in bedside table. Originality is therefore appropriate regardless of the headboard model you choose. This is the room that will make your bedroom an idyllic and personalized place.

How to Choose? Important Criteria

Choosing a headboard is not always an easy task. There are several criteria to consider that will save you from choosing a model that does not fit the whole room.

The Size of the Bed

In general, the headboard is longer than the width of the bed. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a model adapted to the width of the bed. It is also necessary to take into account the height of the bed so that the head of the bed can be visible and assert itself.  Form and design: This criterion is subjective. Indeed, the design and shape of an adapted headboard depend on your tastes, the decoration of your room and the desired style. It is advisable to take advice from a decorator or a professional to know the compatibility of the bed and your room.


Just like design and form, the color of a headboard is not regulated. You can choose the one that suits you and that marries properly to your bed and your entire room. Generally, sober colors like black or brown adapt with all styles.


The material plays an important role in the design of the best Bed Headboards online. Wood is the most used. However, you can think outside the box by choosing models made from less common and original materials.


Standard dimensions of headboard do not exist. They are fixed according to those of the bed and the room. The headboard must indeed be clearly visible without cluttering the room. The width of the wall on which it is fixed and the height of the sub-ceiling must also be taken into account.

 For Adult, Child, and Teen

The head of the bed is primarily intended to adapt to the room. You can find models for adults, teenagers, and children. Each of these types of the headboard is available in many styles, colors, and styles.


If you want to combine aesthetics and ergonomics with one headboard, choose models with storage space. They have the advantage of being able to support accessories of decorations which will make your room even more beautiful.


The choice of a headboard is also based on the accessories. Luminaires are the main accessories delivered. Other accessories such as drawers can also be purchased for models with storage.  The price:  The purchase of a headboard should be a good deal. The ideal is to buy the model that you like most at the best price. There are several ranges of headboards. As with all products, high-end models are the most expensive. You can, however, find cheap headboards of good quality. Maintenance of the headboard:  To maintain the appearance of a headboard and preserve its condition, it is important to maintain it. Cleaning is usually the most important. For fabric or upholstered models, use a suitable product to maintain the fabric properly. The wood should also be treated if your headboard is made from this material. It must be preserved from the various factors of deterioration.

Choose a padded Headboard for more Comfort

Padded headboards are the most comfortable. Indeed, the leather provides a pleasant softness when relying on it. The vast majority of upholstered models also have foam padding that increases this comfort. In addition, they are easy to maintain, the leather is waterproof and does not absorb liquids that could spill on.

Different Headboards

There are many models of headboard. Each model rivals originality. The choice is made entirely according to your tastes and the decoration of your bedroom. There are several common styles that are otherwise popular.

Padded Headboard

This type of headboard is entirely or partially covered with leather. They are especially adapted to the vintage or contemporary style. The leather offers an original aesthetic, soft and elegant. The choice of color for this type of material is also unlimited. A wooden or plastic frame can cover the edges of the headboard.

Headboard Wood

Wooden headboards are the most common, the material being used for making beds. With a good finish, the wood can stand out an irreproachable visual rendering. It is also easy to handle and the creative possibilities in terms of design are limitless. Wooden headboards can also be varnished or painted. It adapts perfectly to all styles, from natural to sophisticated style.

Headboard with Storage

Practical and very decorative, the headboards with storage can be made of wood or resin. The spaces are usually arranged above the bed or concealed between the bed and the wall. They are used to place trinkets and decorative accessories, but also to store pillows, books and all the objects that you want to have at your fingertips. This type of headboard can replace the bedside table for those who wish to have a storage space while avoiding the use of this furniture become too common and therefore, little original.

Pallet Headboard

Generally made of wood, the pallet headboard adopts a more rustic style than the other models. Indeed, they are composed of planks or wooden plates arranged in the image of pallets used to lift goods. This style is simple and pleases especially lovers of natural decoration. The boards that make up the pallet can be finished or left in their original state while being treated to be resistant.

Original Headboard

We can find models of headboards whose style breaks all the codes to highlight the originality. These models are often personalized and are made from unlikely pieces such as doors, screens or wooden boxes. Plastic films, wallpapers or cardboard can be used.

Headboard Stickers

Stickers can be placed on the headboards. They are easy to design and install and avoid the use of paint if you want to put words or pictures on your headboard. The stickers are also available at low prices and can be personalized.

Headboard Design

In a more contemporary style, the design headboards are distinguished by their simple, clean lines and their very elaborate finishes. They generally adopt a modern style and are equipped with technological accessories such as LED lighting, which gives them important advantages, especially in terms of design.

Headboard Fabric

Like upholstered models, fabric headboards are partially or completely covered. The choice of fabric is vast since all fibers can be used, from cotton to silk through linen or velvet.

Bright Headboard

The bright headboards are, like the design models, drawn in a contemporary style. The lights can be obtained by light strings, simple lamps or LEDs. They bring a cozy atmosphere to the whole room.


Despite the difficult choice, the purchase of a headboard is essential to have a trendy, modern and stylish room. A true piece of decoration, this piece of furniture also presents its practical side thanks to its storage and lighting options. With an adapted headboard, you could make your bedroom even more user-friendly.

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