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Causes & Remedies of Man Boobs and 4th will Blow your Mind


Are you ashamed of taking off your shirt on the beach, in the pool or in the public place? Frankly, who doesn’t want to wave the Shirt like Sourav Ganguly when you are really very excited!

Sourav Ganguly Taking off his shirt

If you are reading this article, I think you don’t need an introduction on Man boobs. Probably by end of this article I can help you with remedies so that you won’t lose simple pleasure in your life.

Prior to getting into details of how to get rid of Moobs, isn’t that important to know what is actually causing it?

How Did That Get In There, In The First Place?

How to get rid of Man boobs

Its very normal, studies say that 50% of the men have Man boobs. Do you know all men have breast tissue and might grow due to hormonal imbalance? Doctors say you need to know what is the type of Moobs you are carrying to get rid of it.

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What is causing Man Boobs?

By definition, Boobs are female sex Organs. It’s really important to understand why a female organ is seen in Men to get rid of it

Man boobs are caused when a female sex hormone (estrogen) levels increase in Men.

It’s time to introspect our lifestyle to find the cause of an increase in estrogen levels. Statistically, Man boobs are seen among those whose lifestyle hinder the production of male sex hormone (testosterone). Let’s have a look in a bit detail.


Word steroids give me a picture of a hefty muscular man. True, Anabolic Steroids promote the growth of the muscles. But by definition, anabolic steroids are synthetic testosterone, some of which sometimes convert into estrogen by the human body.

Gym Buddies, be alert, know what you are consuming. You don’t want to have a bulge in the wrong place 🙂

Gyms Buddies


Researchers say that excess alcohol consumption will have an effect of hormonal imbalance. Especially consumption of Hoppy Beers has serious effects of increased estrogen levels.

The best part is you can see a positive result once you give-up drinking habit.



Overweight has numerous side effects for a human body. And there is No surprise that Obese has its share in developing man boobs.

Excess eating habits create an imbalance in the appetite suppressor hormone called Leptin, which in turn has an effect on testosterone level. And you know what are the side effect of testosterone imbalance.



Self-grooming is fantastic, but it’s also important that you know your products well before use. Researches say that Natural Oil based products have an effect on increasing estrogen level in men.

Natural Oil-based products are mostly consumed by beard grooming. Beard lovers double check your products.

Natural Oil Products

5.The Symptom of Illness.

If you notice an abnormal enlargement of chest tissue, doesn’t relate to the above reasons. Then you should see a doctor nearby and get yourself diagnosed. These could be the symptoms of liver or Kidney diseases.

What is the Cure for Man Boobs?

Now you know why Moobs are developed in Men. You can get rid of them with simple lifestyle changes which are actually causing it.

First this first. Don’t do anything which will increase estrogen levels in your body as discussed earlier.

  1. Stop doing drugs or synthetic steroids.
  2. Avoid Hoppy Beers, and limit alcohol consumption.
  3. Develop a Healthy Diet
  4. Avoid Natural Oil based products
  5. Daily Workout

Workout to Get Rid of Man Boobs

practice Man boobs workout from a professional trainer.

Man Boobs Surgery

In extreme situations, none of the remedies discussed above will cure Moobs. Book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and get it cured.
Approximately the surgery might cost up to 60,000 to 80,000 rupees in the year 2018.

Let the surgery be your last option!

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