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Frequently Asked Questions about Terrace Gardening?

Q: Can the terrace withstand the weight of plants and containers?

A: Yes, your terrace can easily bear the weight of the plants without harming the roof. In general, we accommodate 100’s of people on our terrace for parties or functions, your plants will not weight more than that.

However, distribute the plants across the roof and do not place large containers in one place.

Q: What is the measure we have to take to control the Seepage of water from the terrace?

A:Does your Terrace leak during the rainy season? If No, your terrace garden will not do that. If Yes, go for waterproofing before initiating the terrace garden.

Watering the plants will only to the necessary extent. However, if you are spreading a lawn on the terrace or building-wide grow beds, take extra care of lining the beds with plastic to avoid any leakage.

Q: Will soil on terrace spread and block drainage pipes?

A: Keep your terrace clean, dust in frequently especially during the rainy season. Little bit of soil sprinkled out of pots doesn’t block your drainage anyways.

Q: Is the Terrace Gardening profitable?

A: The goal of your Terrace Garden should be growing vegetables organic way, it shouldn’t be for making profits. However, the terrace garden is profitable if you work yourself by using available containers prepare your own manure & seeds. Don’t invest money unless it is necessary, try to find ways to use containers available in your neighborhood.

In general, an average terrace garden will meet half of your kitchen needs. If the value of the veggies matches your investment on the terrace you are successful as a gardener.

Q: What is the right time of watering the plants?

A: Watering the early morning and post sunset in the evening is preferable. Avoid water on the hot sunny hours and at night. If the plant remains wet at night it attracts fungal diseases.

Summer: Twice a day in summer
Winter: Once a day in the winter
Monsoon: Against the requirement in the rainy season

Watering the early morning and post sunset in the evening is preferable.

Avoid water on the hot sunny hours and at night. If the plant remains wet at night it attracts fungal diseases.

Avoid over-watering, do not water too much. Make sure little water comes out of the drainage hole.

Also, don’t go for drip irrigation and sprinklers. Water plants personally give you a better understanding of garden.

Q: How do to manage watering plants when you are away from home?

A: Ask your friends or neighbors for watering the plants, instead of going for the automatic irrigation system, it will drain your pockets.

Q: How much water is needed for Terrace Garden?

A: Each pot of medium size consumes 1 liter of water on a daily basis. A decent size of terrace might consume around 200 liters of water.

In Urban areas, there is a shortage of water. The whole concept of terrace garden is to grow plants in cities where there is a scarcity of water. Don’t worry you can solve the problem by recycling the domestic water. Collect the used water in a separate tank and use it for gardening.

Average water consumption for a family is 500 liters on a daily basis, and your garden needs only 100-200 liters. If we can manage to collect 30-40% of your domestic water that would be sufficient.

Did I mention soap water is good nutrients for the plants!

Q: How much time is required every day to manage the garden?

A :If you can divert half-an-hour morning and evening. Terrace garden can run smoothly.

self-watering gives an opportunity to observe each and every plant for pest control.

Q: How to manage light for plants?

A: Poor sunlight is one of the challenges in urban areas due to the tall building next to you. Selection and placement of plants on your terrace are important so that yield is not affected.

Root vegetables like carrot, potatoes, ginger etc need more sunlight compared to leafy vegetables. Also, grow fruit trees and plants in maximum sunlight.

Gardener has to manage in such a way that every plant gets 3 hours of sunlight in a day.

Q: How to Design Terrace Garden?

A: Select plants which can fulfill your household needs. Few gardeners select plants matching their interest. But restrict the varieties yourself depending on the size of the terrace, you have to always make sure that one crop shouldn’t affect the growth of the other plants.

Placement of plants depends on the type of the plants, duration of plants and containers you use.

For example:

  • Plants that live more than 2 years will be heavy, its preferred to distribute the weight across the terrace instead of placing all at once place.
  • Earthen pots & Thermocol boxes should be placed in an area where there is less movement of containers. Because there are high chances of breakage.
  • Climbers should be placed in such a way that it gets the support to crawl.

There is No working design of the terrace garden, Gardner has to constantly innovate ideas to make it better all the time.

Q: How to Buy Seeds?

A: A serious gardener has to develop a habit of storing seeds from the previous crop. It’s not advisable to buy seeds every time.

Choose a healthy plant and retain the vegetables/fruits of the crop till its maturity for seed collection. Collect the seeds on a sunny day and dry it shade. Pick airtight zip lock pouches or bottles and keep in the fridge. You can use these seeds after 6 months of harvesting.

There is an excellent collection of seeds in community seed bank of indigenous crops.

Hope you have found answers for some of your questions!

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