Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020

Everything about Abhinandan – IAF wing Commander


Pakistan Air Force attacked the Indian Military Installation on Feb 27 Morning. The Indian Air Force fought back for the attack.

PAF- F16 was Down by an IAF MIG 21 Bis Aircraft.

IAF -Lost Mig 21 in the process, lost to ground-based anti-aircraft fire.

The Indian Ministry of External affairs and IAF joint confirmed that an Indian pilot is missing in action.

The Locals found the Pilot Mig 21

IAF wing commander abhinandan Flight

Abhinandan was beaten by Locals

Abhinandan was taken Blind Folded

IAF wing commander abhinandan Blind folded

Abhinandan Belongings

IAF wing commander abhinandan Flight gadgets

First Video Released by Pakistani Army

He Stands strong and calm in front of the Pakistani Army and Says. “I’m not Suppose to tell you anything”

Abhinandan having tea with Pakistani Soldier

Abhinandan says he was well treated by Pakistani Army and Complimented the Tea offered to him. And refused to share any paticuar details.

According to Geneva convention, Pakistan have to return Wing Commander in 7 days or else both countries will be officially in War. by beating the IAF pilot, Pakistan has already violated the Geneva Convention.

During Kargil War too Pakistan Captured an Indian Pilot Flight Lieutenant Kambampati Nachiketa who returned after 8 days.

Our Brave Solider is still doing his Duty.

On Feb 28, Pakistan Announced that they are going to Handover IAF Commander Abhinandan to INDIA respecting the Geneva Convention.

Pakistan Prime minister wants to make PEACE talks with the Indian government.

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