Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

DOG Fight in Biggboss 2 Telugu

Kaushal used another CUSS words in the house, by calling everyone in the house DOGs. Kaushal lost his cool for pushing him on every situation and being cornered.

By Nature, there is the breaking point for everyone. Kaushal is also NO different, he got fed up with the continuous arguments and said: “why everyone is falling on me Like DOGS”.

Kaushal’s words have fuelled the argument and taken the fight to the next level. Samrat, Roll Rida & Tanish started over-reacting to the situation.

DO YOU REMEMBER KAUSHAL SAYING ” Ikada jarigedi anta kapata natakam”.  DOG Fight incident justifies what he said was right.

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This incident has also set the social media on fire. There are numerous memes shared over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Picked up a few for analyzing the situation.


I would say Samrat has all the best qualities of the Loyal pet.  The meme explains it beautifully, Samrat reaction when he was treated like a DOG by Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal

We all know Dogs need pampering,  Geetha Madhuri has pampered him so much when he was called Tommy (Most common pet name used for a pup) his reaction was cute and happy. whereas, Kaushal calls him a DOG he turned against him.

Probably, Samrat wouldn’t have reacted so badly if he is called Pup instead, what triggered him is the word DOG.

Let’s assume his reaction was to call someone else dog in his presence.  Again the meme explains it much better if you understand the Telugu language.

Samrat kept quite when Bhanu & Tejaswi called other people DOGs. This explains he is comfortable calling anyone Dog by his favorites (someone who pampers him)


Why did Roll Rida cry? Why did he got so offended by the word DOG?

If ROll RIDA can call Kaushal OWL ( Owl is a very bad comparison to a Man), why he got so offended when he is called the DOG, such a hypocrite.

This Man really should get into Acting!


Tanish Reaction:

My Biggest question on Tanish is, What was he doing before entering into Biggboss House? Let me GUESS: A Street rowdy, Doing Drugs, Compromising Disputes, Hanging around with chicks.

Till date, I didn’t understand his purpose of being in the house.

Who gives a life-threatening warning in a reality show infront of 97 cameras, such a cheap behavior shouldn’t be encouraged inside the Biggboss house.

Hope Nani Addresses this situation in the upcoming episode (Saturday)




The whole situation is explained by RAM GOPAL VARMA beautifully.


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