Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020
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Constituency Name and Poll Date for Lok Sabha Election 2019

Constituency Name and Poll Date – Lok Sabha Election 2019

Here’s a phase-wise list of constituencies and their polling dates: Polling will be held in seven phases starting April 11 and will conclude on May 19. Counting of votes will happen on May 23. Phase 1: Constituency Name and Poll Date Constituency name State Poll date Adilabad Telangana 11-Apr Peddapalle Telangana 11-Apr Karimnagar Telangana 11-Apr Nizamabad […]

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BJP and Congress Manifesto Comparision

2019 Congress and BJP Manifesto Comparison

Entire Nation is focusing on Parliament Elections. Nations biggest parties Congress and BJP are very curious to win this election. Both the parties came up with the competitive manifesto and focused mainly on the Education, Health and Agriculture sectors. BJP launches the Manifesto as “SANKALP BHARAT.. SASHEKTH BHARAT” Congress Launches the Manifesto as “CONGRESS WILL […]

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Bloodsena Mobile App

Nagababu Launches BLOODSENA Mobile Application for Android Phone

Nagababu Launched a mobile application called BLOODSENA. He has initiated a new age political support (#JSPForNewAgePolitics) for his brother Pawan Kalyan for a better nation (#We4BetterNation) but launching the mobile application for a social cause. BLOODSENA Ideology? The idea for launching the mobile application is to reach out to the masses. The urban crowd can […]

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JanaSena Party Achievements in Last 4 Years

ideology The primary agenda of the party is to question injustice. Janasena core values and ideology behind establishing a political party was well explained in ISM book written by Pawan Kalyan himself. Nationalism Regionalism Democratic Socialism Janasena Party ACHIEVEMENTS in Last 4 Years #1. Uddanam Kidney Patients Eradication on kidney problems and brings the unknown […]

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janasena documentary

JanaSena Documentary Videos – Watch the Complete Playlist

Janasena, rapidly evolving political party, is diving deep into the interiors of Andhra Pradesh and bringing the unaddressed problem into the limelight. The Shatagni team, Digital Regiment of JanaSena Party, has done a terrific job in creating these videos. Here are some of the unbiased documentaries Fishermen Problem – A Film by Harish Pai, Assistant, DI – […]

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