Saturday, 26 Sep 2020
Category: Gardening

15 Pots and Containers for Terrace Garden Design

A Terrace Gardener should know the selection of the containers while designing a terrace garden. Wrong selection of pots leads to the poor growth of the plants, and Terrace gardening becomes expensive in changing the pots and might lead to dissatisfaction. SMALL POTS Small pots are preferred for indoor but maybe not a good choice […]

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Why Terrace Gardening is Getting its Popularity in Recent Times?

Population in the city is increasing exponentially; villages are migrating to cities in search of livelihood. They are entering into the concrete forest leaving behind the green and calm environment. Most of us feel that the children will never experience natural healthy rural life.     Parents visiting city homes of their children cannot tolerate […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Terrace Gardening?

Q: Can the terrace withstand the weight of plants and containers? A: Yes, your terrace can easily bear the weight of the plants without harming the roof. In general, we accommodate 100’s of people on our terrace for parties or functions, your plants will not weight more than that. However, distribute the plants across the roof […]

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