Saturday, 26 Sep 2020
Category: Digital Marketing
How to make money with facebook ads

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads

Making the correct message is the urgent initial step to profiting with Facebook promotions, yet it doesn’t finish there. What was once esteemed the wild, wild west of publicizing has now turned into the standard technique for achieving your intended interest group. Today, driving deals with Facebook promotions is one of the quickest approaches to […]

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Social Messengers’ Monitoring App

The social media has successfully grabbed more attention and dedication of post millennial generation as compared to other technologies. The researches indicate towards the excessive social media use of teenagers which prolongs from eight to nine hours a day. Teenagers and underage children give most of their time to Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms […]

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Checklist for Search Ads 360 Parallel Tracking

Are you seeing a message popping up on your Search Ads 360 to migrate your Accounts and set up Parallel Tracking? Mandatory Checks before Migration Make sure all URL templates start with HTTPS: When you enable parallel tracking, Google Ads requires all redirect URLs to use SSL/HTTPS. Disable Campaign Manager macros: With parallel tracking, clicks […]

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Step By Step Guide for Search Ads 360 Budget Management (BETA)

Are you comparing the AdWords Share Budgets with Search Ads Budget Management Feature? Don’t get confused, you can’t retroactively set spends with this feature Purpose of Budget Management Feature Budget management consolidates planning, budgeting, and reporting to help you manage your campaigns. And monitor the performance without a need of exporting into spreadsheets. Search Ads […]

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