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Full STORY of Attapur Pillar No 143 Murder Case in Hyderabad – Dragged out of POLICE Van and Killed


A Horrifying incident has taken place in broad daylight on Sep 26, 11:25 AM at Attapur pillar no 143 of PV Narsmiharao Rao expressway, Hyderabad. The viral video of the murder over social media is creating agitation in the public.

Ramesh was killed on the roadside while returning from the court. He is one of the accused in the murder of Mahesh Goud, who was killed 9 months back. Kishan Goud the murderer raised his hand in “Glory” after the crime.

Revenge Killing


Father took revenge by killing his Son’s Murderer. Jarrigala Ramesh (age 35), was the prime accused in the murder of Mahesh Goud (age 25) case which has taken place 9 months ago. He was returning home from the court when the incident took place.

Mahesh Goud’s father Kishan Goud (age 49) with the help of his brother-in-law Laxman Goud(age 25) located Ramesh and they both chased him on 2 wheeler.

Dragged out of POLICE Van and Killed

Ramesh was stopped and they both chased him with a KNIFE and an AXE in hand for few meters. Ramesh sees a Traffic Police van and asks for help, the police constable asks him to board the vehicle so that he can give protection. Meanwhile, Kishan & Laxman reaches the Police van, dragged him out and attacked him.

Laxman attacked with Axe over Ramesh’s neck, which made Ramesh immovable. He repeatedly attacked 14 times in a span of 7 minutes and raises hands in Glory.

Extra Marital Affair lead to 2 Murders

Kishan Goud (Primary accused of Ramesh murder case) is an electrician. Their son Mahesh Goud & Ramesh are friends. Ramesh had a connection with a married woman who lives in a different locality. Mahesh also had a physical relationship with the same women secretly. This has created a fight between the friends. When this came to the notice of women’s husband they got relocated.

Ramesh felt that Mahesh is responsible for this situation and developed hatred against him. Ramesh invites Mahesh for drinks on Dec 24, 2017, away from home. Both were drunk and while returning home Ramesh slices Mahesh throat in the car they are traveling and burnt the dead body with petrol.

How Ramesh was Caught?

Ramesh gave his car for servicing a day later. The Car servicing center found blood stains in the front seat and informed the Police and was caught. Ramesh was killed when he was returning home from court in the same case.

Is Ramesh Murder Planned?

Kishan Goud was waiting to kill Ramesh and wanted to take REVENGE for his Son’s death. He left home on Sep 26 with an axe and knife in a bag, his wife sensed something very bad is going to happen and informed her brother Laxman Goud to convince his brother in law not to take any radical decisions.

Laxman went out in search of Kishan, his brother in law. Later meets him in a bar and they both get drunk. Laxman couldn’t see the grief of his brother in law and shares his revenge in killing Ramesh.

What POLICE has to Say about Kishan Goud?

Police says, Kishan Goud has issues with his mental health. He was undergoing treatment from Erragada Mental hospital from past 3 years. Post his Son’s death his mental state got worse. Also, Kishan has a criminal record of weapon smuggling and few other.

Did Ramesh Anticipate his death?

Ramesh must have got a sense that Kishan was planning something against him. He moved his family to another corner of the city. He always used to carry 2 shirts and keeps changing frequently, so that he can’t be traced. Finally Couldn’t save himself.

Karma Never Loses an Address, What Goes Around Comes Around. Keep Your Circle Positve. Speak Good Words. Think Good Thoughts. Do Good Deeds.

Social Media Videos Captured from Smartphone during the Murder


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