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Aquarium Filter: Things you need to know

Aquarium filter

Aquarium filter

If you have an aquarium, one of the things you also need to have or ensure is working perfectly is the aquarium filters. Aquariums are an enclosed environment. They are also very dense as compared to what is obtainable in natural fish habitat. Choosing quality freshwater aquarium filter is critical for any fish tank. In this article, you will learn about the meaning, uses, types and other information about aquarium filters.

What is Aquarium water pump filter?

Aquarium water pump filters help fish tank owners to operate their tanks at a high success rate. They help to ensure the water is conducive for aquatic life in the dense habitat they occupy. Ponds are quite compact said earlier. And pilling up particles of food or excreta will only pollute the environment.

Aquarium filters help to get rid of excess food, free-floating particles, decaying organic matter and harmful chemicals from the water. They also help to remove waste products from fish from the aquatic environment. So when fishes excrete while swimming around in the aquarium, the filters in the tank will help to get the excreta out.

Why are aquarium water pump filters important?

Water, especially the one in a fish tank is stagnant, hence any particle released by the fish and the one from the food, remains in the water. But if you have a good quality filter, everything will be appropriately handled. The waste will be removed, ensuring quality livestock which is very critical. The amount of cleanup and maintenance you give to your fish tank will also reduce when you have a water pump filter.

The three ways to filter aquarium

There are three processes through which water in aquariums is filtered. They include;

  1. Chemical filtration – Chemical additives are added in the water to get rid of dissolved wastes. A common example is the use of activated charcoal.
  2. Biological filtration – This process is sometimes combined with others and is highly advised in all aquariums. Here the beneficial bacterial act on nitrite and ammonia, breaking them down into compound nitrite considered to be less harmful or toxic.
  3. Mechanical filtration – This involves the use of a device or machinery to get rid of solid particles from the water body. It simply circulates and strains it through what is then known as aquarium water pump filter.

Types of Aquarium water pump filters

There are many types of aquarium filters out there. These include;

  • Box filters – They are also called internal or corner filters, and suitable for a small-sized aquarium of at least 20 gallons or lesser.
  • Canister filters – Suitable for medium to larger fish tanks. In short, those that can accommodate at least 40 gallons.
  • Fluidized bed filters – efficient biological filters whose filter medium consists of silica chip or sand.


Aquarium water pump filters are crucial for those operating a fish tank. If you want to raise quality livestock, then ensure you get quality filters for your aquarium. You will also benefit in the aspect of cleaning or maintenance. A good quality aquarium will help to ensure the water is super clean and conducive for aquatic life.

Splashing the cash on a top quality aquarium water pump filter will benefit your livestock and you. So get the best filters for your fish tank right away.

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