Wednesday, 27 May 2020

7 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Life is full of memories. Our Memories are bonded with the Food, Work, Relationships etc. Alzheimer will exactly attack these memories.

Honestly, we tend to forget names, misplace things and could recollect after some time. But someone who is affected with Alzheimer will start losing memories permanently one by one. It will attack the ability to think. But the symptoms can be noticed way before it gets affected.

Alzheimer Symptoms

  1. Trouble in doing the daily routine due to memory loss;
  2. Especially forget things which happened sometime back;
  3. Forgetting important dates; Forgetting important moments;
  4. Asking for the same thing repeatedly;
  5. Taking help of doing the daily routine. And taking a longer time than usual.
  6. Trouble in facing problems and challenges;
  7. Unable to decide to plan things;

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