Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

5 Symptoms of Paralysis

Paralysis is Caused

Paralysis is one of the dangerous attacks. Paralysis is caused due to the blockage or damage of nerves, whatever may be the reason if the blood circulation is not proper for the brain then there are high chances of paralysis attack.

The body parts get paralyzed when it doesn’t get signals from the brain.

First-hour of paralysis attack is very important, because if you can start the treatment then there are chances of getting the cure. And also make sure the brain doesn’t get effected completely, which may lead to permanent paralysis.

Paralysis Symptoms

  1. Body parts like face, hands, and legs will get numb. Especially one side of the body will get a feeling of losing its balance.
  2. All of a sudden you will start stammering, you will feel confused and will not understand what the other is saying.
  3. You will feel losing sight either from one or both the eyes.
  4. Walking abnormally, Sensation of the spinning head, losing balance and feeling of falling down.
  5. A severe headache without any reason.

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