Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

20 Hilarious Tweets that gives Nostalgia for 90s Kids. Don’t Miss the Last 2 Tweets

Peacock Feather in Notebook

90s Kids claim to be the luckiest generation for having a wonderful childhood. Internet was just evolving and smartphones were not invented. This Generation, probably the last who has spent their childhood close to nature. Taking Social Media as a platform, 90’s kids are refreshing their memories and rumors they believed were true.

#90sKidsRumors trending on Twitter with funny and hilarious rumors which can make you travel back to the good olden days.

So, what are we waiting for, lets have a sneak peek of the most popular rumors!

1. Omni Van is Kidnapper vehicle

2. Peacock Feather gives Birth to Many more Feathers, if you keep it in a Notebook

3.  Collecting H M T on a One Rupee Coin will get a HMT watch

4. A spider bite can make you a Spiderman

5. In Trouble, Shakthimaan will come to Save Us

6. Counting your Babies Looking at the Palm

7. Bumping your head with other head will get you horns

8. Broken Tooth welcomes Tooth Fairy, if you keep it under the pillow

9. Coin becomes a magnet when a train passes through it

10. This Man is UnderTaker father and Wrestlers life is caged in the CUP

11. Blue part of the Eraser will erase the ball pen lines

12.  Sharpener with Eraser and Brush on each side has Magical Powers

13. Freezing Sharpner Dust mixed with Milk with turn into Eraser

14. Ricky Pointing has Spring in his Bat

15. MS Dhoni Drinks 5 Liters of Milk Daily

16. If you swallow seeds, a plant will grow in your stomach

17. A Kiss will give birth to babies

18. Cotton Candy is made of Old Woman Hair

19. Life will be easy after 12th Class

20. Pakistan will win the match if the match falls on Friday.

Hope you remembered your good olden days and Had fun!

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