Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

13 Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer Disease

Cancer is Caused

In Human Autonomy the cells in the body multiply as per the need and also die the once the need is fulfilled. But sometimes these cells get away the path, they grow more than they need and reach a stage where it creates a problem for the body. This is CANCER

Cancer is possible for any part of the body; the cure is possible if it’s identified in the initial stages.

Frequently seen 8 types of cancer can be cured completely if it’s identified in the early stages.

Cancer Disease

Cancer Symptoms

  1. Rapid weight loss without any reason, up to 5 kg within a short span.
  2. Losing Appetite; Full Stomach; Difficult in Swallowing the food.
  3. Extreme Tiredness as the cancer cells grow in the body. The body won’t relax even after taking rest.
  4. Pain in the bones,
  5. Continuous headache and back pain could be the symptom of a few types of cancers.
  6. Constipation / Lose Motion.
  7. Pain while Urinating; Frequent Urination.
  8. Continuous Mouth Ulcers and White spots in the mouth
  9. Traces of blood in Urine, Stool, and Phlegm
  10. Swollen lymph nodes on the neck and underarms. If it doesn’t cure even after 2 weeks, you have to act immediately.
  11. Changes in the Breast
  12. A continuous Cough, chest pain, sore throat, tiredness, difficulty in breathing are signs which you should act immediately.
  13. Continuous fever is the sign of spreading cancer. Fever will be ON and OFF during the day and will be high all of a sudden.

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